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For the past three years, with the support of the Armenian banks, the program for organizing children's holiday in the Republic of Armenia is being implemented.

Every year 50-70 children participate in the program.

This year, after the end of the academic year, the program was again announced, which started in July of this year.

This year 60 children and 4 heads were included in the program, who arrived in Armenia with 2 groups, 30 children in each group, who stayed 10 days in the Republic of Armenia. The holiday for children from the Nagorno Karabakh Republic was organized in the "Tej Ler" camp of Vanadzorin in the wonderful nature of Lori. The children's rest was accompanied by exciting cognitive excursions, visits to historical and cultural sites, as well as fun and games.

During the stay in the camp an unforgettable event for the children was a meeting with the group Gayane from Argentina. Children enthusiastically welcomed their friends from the diaspora with interesting performances, songs and dances. The songs and dances of the children from Artsakh did not remain indifferent, the children of the Gayane dance group joined their Armenian friends and danced the Armenian kachari dance in a cozy corner of Laurie in all its glory.

Holidays in the Republic of Armenia will remain in the memory of Artsakh children for a long time. They returned home to Artsakh with bright impressions and souvenirs.

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